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Top 5 Tips for Getting Your Prototype Played at Small Conventions


5) Teach games and then ask if they want to try your own game afterwards. (know your audience and be respectful of time)

4) Setup in open gaming and grab drive bys and/or have good signage.

3) Setup an event with local designers there through meetup/facebook so you can all play each other games. (then anyone who is interested can go out to lunch/dinner afterwards)

2) Setup official events and offer prizes/bribes. (make sure you have a way for people to be notified when they can get it and/or get their name in the rulebook)

1) Find or create your own prototype room.

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Today Brian interviews Erik Dahlman of Albino Dragon about the convention services he offers where his team will demo your game at his booth at various conventions throughout the year. You can get the exposure that conventions offer without the million headaches of actually doing it. To get more information from Erik about working with him, email CONVENTIONS@ALBINODRAGON.COM.

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