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It's a Jeremy-heavy episode as we start a discussion on which Print-on-Demand (POD) services are available. Brian jumps in with first choices for larger manufacturers. Richard is fascinated.

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Jeremy geeks out on his love of all things box, while Richard explores the dynamics of sleeved vs. unsleeved tabletop game box design and Brian explains his trials and tribulations designing boxes for display and functionality.


  • Box Quality
  • Box Design
  • Box Sizes
  • Custom Game Trays


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Brian and Jeremy discuss the current trends in what publishers are looking for, Richard reminisces about the goals and hardships of playtesting a TCG, and the guys determine if a game can ever truly be finished anyway.



  • Component Complexity
  • Playtesting a Trading Card Game
  • Late Game Modifications
  • Second Editions
  • Dealing with Erratum


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Jeremy and Brian explain to Richard where he can find a feedback form, the difference between Euro- and Ameritrash games, how to evaluate data (or get someone else to do it), what conventions are held for developing games, and how to make and present a sell sheet.


  • Using sell sheets
  • Participating in Unpub/Protospiel events
  • Written feedback for playtesting
  • Playtesting different types of games
  • Automated playtesting


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Richard asks Jeremy and Brian to explain how to get players to playtest a game, how to host a playtest, how to blind playtest, remote blind playtest, and track feedback.

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Brian and Jeremy talk to Richard about their differing views on earlybird offers on Kickstarter. It's how nerds fight.

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This is our first episode where we talk about pricing a game and where the profits go when selling it in these different ways:

  • Direct from the publisher's website
  • Direct through Kickstarter
  • Publisher to Retailer
  • Publisher to Distributor
  • Publisher to Distribution Services Company

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Learn more about The Forbidden Limb podcast. We introduce ourselves, give a bit of background about us, but more importantly, we tell you what you will get out of listening to this podcast.

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