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Brian makes a list of the top 10 mistakes new designers make from the perspective of a publisher and we all debate about it. This covers things like the design decisions that will make a game harder to sell. Jeremy will share his list from a designer perspective in the next episode!

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We discuss these chipboard-related topics:

- Why use chipboard?

o Feel

o Durability

- Why wouldn’t you want to?

o Cost

o Wear

o Weight

- 3D chipboard constructions

- Cost analysis

- Sizes and custom shapes

- Standard sheets/thickness/layers

- Finishes and coating

- Unpub/Protospiel San Jose


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Inside the Box

In this episode, we talk about these box insert topics:

- Cardboard Inserts

- Size of Box

- Number of Wells

- Gametrayz and Other Plastic Inserts

- Broken Token Wood Inserts and Boxes

- Cost Analysis of Manufacturing vs. After-Market

- Bags of Bags

- Game Storage Recommendations in Rules?

- 13 oz. Golden Rule


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