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Learn Chris Reynolds' secrets to lay out out your crowd-funding page to give potential backers what they want to see and read. He also gives some tips on general marketing of a board game so come have a listen!

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This is all about the fulfillment company called Send from China. We describe this service from a first-hand perspective covering these topics:
 - What is Send from China?
 - Why might I use it?
 - What are some potential pitfalls?
 - Timelines
 - User Interface
 - Costs
 - Payment Options
 - Shipping Calculator
 - Currency Conversion
 - Packaging Options
 - EU/AU/CA Friendly
 - Customer Service
Resources: - The SFC website.
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Brian interviews Eduardo Baraf about his company Pencil First Games and all the analog and digital games he has designed and published. He recently released Gem Packed Cards with both a card game version and a mobile version of it at roughly the same time. We talk about that and so much more in this interview.

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