Board Game Business Podcast

This is the first episode we did after Brian moved to the Los Angeles area. We talk about tips for exhibiting at a major con. Here are some topics:

- When to pull the trigger?
   o Playtest Hall
   o Volunteer at another Booth
- Booth shape and layout
- Selling at a Con without a Booth
- Copies Sold
- Number of Volunteers Required
- Banners and Signage
- Gen Con Pickup

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Tips for running your Kickstarter campaign in this condensed version of a Gen Con 2016 panel!

Panelists: JT Smith, Zachary Strebeck, Jeremy Commandeur, and Brian Henk

We discuss:

- #1 Mistakes
- Kickstarter as a Business
- Stretch Goals
- Crowd Building
- Page Layout
- Reward Levels
- Naming Something vs. Image in Game
- Rules on Page
- Setting Goals





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