Board Game Business Podcast

We talk about designing the back of the box. This includes:

- Legal Requirements

     - Age Limitations

     - European CE Mark

     - Country & Address

- Barcodes

- Playtime & Number of Players (Learn Time?)

- Restock Code

- Components

- Game or Scenario Description

- Simplified How to Play


- QR Codes

     - Other Games

     - Learn to Play

- Names

     - Designer

     - Artist

     - Manufacturer

- Sides of Box


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We talk about naming your game and other more general branding questions, such as:
- Why we changed our podcast name
- What makes a good title for a game?
- Is a unique name important?
- Should the name work in other countries?
- Matching video game names
- Branding your game for your market
- Name that will appeal to retailers


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